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Voter Turnout Drive

A grassroots political organization in a swing-state wanted to drive voter turnout of a specific demographic group.  They were running into low reach for their organic content.  The target demographic was approximately 300K voters in a specific geographic area of the state.  Audience Delivered helped to fine tune the messaging and video creative they were developing and then we deployed those assets across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger while restricting targeting to specific counties, interests and behaviors.

The results:

Virtually 100% of eligible voters were reached multiple times, with those most likely to vote reached more often

Turnout in the key county rose 10 percentage points, from 59% in 2016 to 69% in 2020

Voter turnout was 100% higher than the overall US increase

The state flipped and the tight overall margin was within the increased turnout number in the targeted counties

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