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Anti-Aging Beauty Appliance+Serum

THE CHALLENGE:  To launch a celebrity make-up artist’s anti-aging skincare product line from scratch.  

After many years of working with some of the world’s most famous faces — from A-list film and television actresses to members of the British royal family – a Hollywood makeup artist created two new anti-aging beauty tools. The tools were designed to improve skin tone and elasticity, and to soften wrinkles.  It was a daunting task because the make-up artist had no previous marketing footprint.  Even more challenging, we would be introducing his products into an extremely competitive cosmetics marketplace and going up against thousands of existing anti-aging alternatives.  In effect, we were tasked with introducing – and selling — a totally new beauty brand.  

 To jump start audience engagement, we reviewed and made our recommended changes to the client’s landing page.  The goal was to optimize the page for Facebook traffic and to follow best practices for direct response.

Next, we made the products more visually appealing by making changes to the client’s creative assets.  We edited product videos, making them more user-friendly on Facebook and Instagram.

Third, we zeroed in on audience segments and targets to reach potential customers in the most efficient manner possible.

Fourth, we fast-tracked dynamic creative ads, testing multiple ad variations to find the ones that resonated most strongly with potential customers:  The ads had to be highly engaging and motivational, leading to fast click-throughs and conversions.

And finally, to gain a strong foothold in the marketplace, we made the advertising buy adjustable:  While the initial focus was on cost-per-purchase, we quickly pivoted to budget optimization in order to minimize risk and handle growing sales in a cost-effective manner.

THE RESULTS:  In a period of just four months, the campaign reached 11.7 million people, attracted 50,000 customers, and took an unknown product from $0 to $6 million in sales.

Over four months, the campaign:

  • Reached 11.7 Million People
  • Attracted 50,000 Customers
  • Resulted in $6,000,000 in Sales
  • Spent $2 Million in Media, Generating a Robust 3.0 ROAS
  • Increased Life Time Value from $89 to $128 in those 4 months

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